Google Play Console - Play Store Google Developer Console Account

Google Play Console - Create a Google Play Developer Account for your company

For what reason do you want an own developer account for Google Play?

To publish your singular mobile occasion app in the App Store for Android, for example assuming you want an app with your own app symbol and self-picked app title, it is important that the app is published by means of your own developer account.

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It is possible that you publish your app yourself thereafter or plazz AG will do it for you. For this reason, and for refreshes that might be vital later, you just furnish us with your account.

The creation of a Google Play Store Developer Account costs you 25 USD, once.

Step 1: Creation of a company Google account

1. If you do not have a Google Account yet, you can create a new account here Note: We recommend that you choose an e-mail address that can be accessed by several people in your company. Google will send important messages or decisions regarding your app to this address. So check your mailbox regularly.

2. Confirm the terms of use by checking the box.

3. Activate your account by tapping on the link in the mail that Google has now sent you.

4. Assuming you as of now have a Google account which you might want to use to register your Developer Account, basically sign in to the google developer console: See step 2.

Step 2: Registration for the Google Play Developer Account

1. Login to the developer console with your Google account information:

2. Accept the „developer agreement".

3. A one-time charge of 25 USD is charged for enlistment. Kindly have a legitimate credit card prepared for installment.

4. Then, at that point, enter your account subtleties. Your "developer name" will be displayed to customers on Google Play.

5. Whenever you have made the account, you can add more account data.

6. Your Google Console Developer account is presently made and you can go on with the last steps.

Step 3: Grant Google Play Store Console User Access

To create, publish and update your app for the first time, we need access to your developer account.

1. Open the Google Play Console and login to your account. Important: the account must have full administration rights.

Google Play Console - Play Store Google Developer Console Account

2. Click on "Create App" and assign a name e.g. "Mobile Event App" ¬- don't worry, this name can be changed later.

3. Please select your preferred language as default language. The Mobile Event App is an app that is provided free of charge in the Play Store.

4. The two checkmarks in the paragraph Explanations Program guidelines for developers, as well as export regulations of the USA are to be set.

5. Press the Create App button to create the design

6. Now click on "All apps" in the menu and then on "Users and permissions".

7. Then click on "Invite new user".

8. Please fill out the displayed form as follows a. E-mail address of the user to be invited (please refer to the table below) b. We do not recommend to select an expiration date for the access, because from our experience, an extension of the access is often forgotten. c. For app permissions, click on "Add App" and search for the previously created app - in our example Mobile Event App. d. Check Edit and delete app designs, publish production versions, publish apps in test tracks and manage app presence in the Play Store.

9. Finally, click on apply and invite users. Repeat the process from point 5 for all required users.

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