Anupama Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Vanraj Blames Anupama

Anupama 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update -

Anupama gives a vigorous discourse to cooking rivalry competitors that they should adjust their ability, take the necessary steps to work on themselves and satisfy their fantasies, she and Anuj's organization are there for their assistance, and so forth Anuj applauds followed by everybody. Anu says Anuj merits applauds without whom she wouldn't have reached here, her companion devika due to whom she wouldn't have out of house, her Bapuji who consistently supported her. Competitors say thanks to them. Anu says she read a shayari that a genuine man is one who regards a lady. Anuj perks them up and says let us start. Vanraj watches them live by means of CCTV recording on his portable. Kavya thinks her is quiet and his resentment will blast soon.

Samar runs towards karkhana holding Nandini's letter. Anuj says they need to make candidates agreeable by empowering them. She asks how. He hits the dance floor with her on Sang Mere Bol Hadippa.. tune. Kinjal, Devika, Bapuji, and GK go along with them. Samar comes to karkhana. Anu sees him and asks what occurred. He shows her Nandini's letter and clarifies. Anu guarantees him not to stress, they will discover Nandini. Anuj hearing them says they will discover Nandini and leaves with Samar requesting Anu to take care from compeititon. Anu calls Vanraj who is occupied with staple merchant and detaches call saying he will get back to her. She considers educating Bapuji, however quits seeing him occupied with aiding hopefuls. Samar freezes prior to getting into vehicle. Anuj solaces him depicting his own experience when he lost his adoration and says he and entire family are with him and the will discover Nandini at any expense.

Rivalry time closes. Bapuji requests that Anu call Anuj to pass judgment on challengers. Anu says he got some significant work and went out. Bapuji inquires as to whether everything is okay. Anu says OK and thinks she needs to pass judgment on contest alone in Anuj's nonappearance. She tastes dishes apprehensively. GK asks Bapuji for what good reason Anu looks strained. Bapuji says he doesn't have the foggiest idea. Devika reports that outcomes will be declared in at some point. Anu gets Anuj's message guaranteeing her not to stress over Nandini. Anuj lets Samar know that he need not stress as his men are looking through Nandini.

At home, Kavya sees Rohan's name still in her companion list. Vanraj asks who is Rohan. Anu enters saying Nandini's ex. Vanraj inquires as to whether Nandini has ex. Anu says she will clarify it later and portrays entire story. Vanraj questions once more. Bapuji says let us examine about it later and discover Nandini first. Vanraj calls Samar, however Anuj picks call and says they are as yet looking through Nandini. Vanraj blows up and says he need not go as Samar has discovered another mentor. Anu says she previously advised him to help Nandini and Samar genuinely at whatever point they need him. Vanraj keeps contending.

Samar and Anuj discover Nandini oblivious on street. Anuj messages Vanraj that Nandini is found. Vanraj exhaust that Anuj isn't picking his call and recently informed. Kavya inquires as to whether Anuj is his better half to pick call, its significant that her niece is found. Anu backs her. Kinjal thanks god and says Anuj is a pleasant person, he prior brought Samar home and presently Nandini. Baa remarks even rickshawala brings them home, that doesn't mean the will play out his aarti. Bapuji says why not on the off chance that he helps them. Samar and Anuj bring Nandini home. Family races to her concerned. Anu takes care of her water and inquires as to for what reason did she do this. Nandini says Rohan doesn't see, so she thought about this progression. Kavya inquires as to why she is a flimsy state. Nandini says Rohan attempted to seize her in his vehicle, she fled and fell oblivious on street.

Vanraj yells at Anu and faults her for the present circumstance and says in the event that she had educated him before, kids wouldn't have been in the present circumstance. Anuj blows up, yet controls himself. Anu says she attempted to educate him today. He yells she didn't previously. Samar says he and Nandini had prevented mummy from illuminating him. Vanraj says he made his dad an outsider and gave his place to another person. Anuj says its not Samar's slip-up. Vanraj says its their family issue and he shouldn't meddle. Anuj apologizes. Nandini says its her slip-up that she didn't advise family about Rohan dreading their response, particularly Baa's. Samar says mummy shouldn't be faulted for their error. Bapuji requests that Anuj sit down. Samar embraces Anuj and expresses gratitude toward him. Anu requests that he reconsider prior to aiding as he made unlimited blessings that thank you is a little word for it.

Precap: Anu lets family know that they will end Mahishasur tomorrow on dussehra who has come as Rohan this time. Rohan and Samar battle. Anu detects it.

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