Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Jijabai is asked to leave by Ramji

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update -

In this scene Rama apologized to Barrister for getting into mischief. The Barrister let Bhim Rao know that will not result in these present circumstances office once more, Bhim Rao would be just his collaborator not anybody's significant other.

Anand argued a Sethji for work. Sethji offered him to deal with post of overseeing spending plan. However Anand didn't have the foggiest idea about the work, chosen to take in it from Bhim Roa and Ramji. Sethji examined concerning his rank. Anand reviewed Lakshmi's words. Sethji felt that he was from lower position, Anand denied saying he was from the upper rank also. Sethji requested that he join work from tomorrow.

Anand came out, realized he was off-base however needed to do it for his family.

Bhim Rao let Rama know that he felt achieved finding a new line of work by speaking the truth about his position. Rama assisted him with excursion Barrister's mentality towards his own work. Bhim Rao vowed to try sincerely and turn into a fruitful Barrister. Rama left saying that Bhim Rao wasn't conversing with her.

Daliya amma dispersed desserts in festival of Bhim Rao and Anand's arrangements. Her child declined to it, she strongly took care of him. Hitesh insulted that Bhim Rao was just extended to an employment opportunity at a Barrister however not a Barrister. Individuals proceeded with their insults and afterward left. Ramji allowed Bhim Rao to work for a Barrister, he approved of it. Bhim Rao said that it was Ramji's and Bhimbai's desire to consider Ramji to be a Barrister. Ramji requested that Bhim Rao get back. Bhim Rao addressed. Ramji blew up, requested that he pack his stuff and get back. Everybody headed inside. Lakshmi and Jijabai were in finished hopelessness.

Rama was glad to return, she needed to deal with Ramji. They gathered their sacks, were going to leave. Jijabai came, asked them not to return any other way she would leave. Rama addressed. She left. Rama's kin came inquiring as to whether they were getting back to their unique home. Rama requested that Bhim Rao come, they would see the rest later.

Jijabai was content with Anand's work. Puranjan said that Bhim Rao found a new line of work also. Jijabai couldn't have cared less with regards to Bhim Rao since the day he went out. Ramji pointed that Bhim Rao was returning. Rama came and educated everybody that they were not moving back motel, it was best for everybody. Anand addressed. Ramji requested that Anand let her leave.

Bhim Rao opposed Rama's choices, said that she shouldn't have said as much. It was Jijabai's shortcoming, she ought to have been accused, Rama didn't have the right to take the blame on her. Dailya amma interceded said that Rama saved her in – laws from self-destructing, she showed love and appreciation for her significant other. Bhim Rao was confused, he couldn't discover an answer.

Specials for Diwali Festival:

Ramji woke up at 12 PM, he arose Jijabai and requested that she go with him on a stroll outside as he was feeling unsavory. Jijabai concurred, the two of them emerged from the house. Jijabai inquired as to whether Ramji was feeling any better. Ramji answered that he felt harmony once Jijabai came out. He got what occurred with Rama and Bhim Rao and why Rama would not return back. He inquired as to whether she wanted, he would deal with her costs. He needed her to leave right now if not the following morning she would need to bring Rama and Bhim Roa home herself.

Precap: Joshi comes addressing Barrister for selecting Bhim Rao, he takes steps to annihilate him. Bhim Rao expresses gratitude toward Joshi for pushing him to look through a task. Lawyer requests that Bhim Rao avoid him and his pooja place.

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