Imlie Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Aditya Gives An Important Task To Imlie

Imlie 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update -

Aditya records bootlegger Pasha and MLA's discussion about shipping drug. At C house, Aparna stressed for Adi implores Devimaa and searches agarbati in sanctuary holding its pack. Imlie jokes and says its in her grasp and says Devimaa's 10 hands guarantee her that she is ensuring her kids. Aparna requests to address her straightforwardly. Imlie says Adi contacted her feet and took her endowments prior to venturing out from home, he confides in his mom more than god, so she needs trust herself as Adi will return before aarti. Adi keeps recording and hears MLA telling that he has chosen a virtuoso to ship drugs. Malini strolls to Imlie and chides her to quit disturbing maa when she is strained for Adi. She calls Adi while Imlie attempts to stop her. Adi's telephone rings. Pasha says its not his pack's ring tone. Adi disengages call. Imlie says she told Adi is occupied and will get back before aarti.

Dealers discover Adi and take shots at him. Adi evades driving them away and leaves in his bicycle. MLA says that man shouldn't get away. Hooligans educate Pasha that Adi got away. MLA says he realizes that man, he is columnist Aditya. Pasha says let us pay off him and shut his mouth. MLA says Adi is straightforward and won't acknowledge cash, so he knows somebody who can help them. He calls Anu and requests that she take Adi's recording by one way or another. Anu calls Malini inquires as to whether worker Imlie is accused by family. Malini says no, circumstance has changed. Anu say she has an arrangement. Meethi hearing her discussion and thinks till when the two of them will plot against her little girl. She plays bhajan on music player boisterously. Anu gets disturbed and strolls to kitchen. She follows Anu and switches on blender processor. Anu chastens her to stop and attempts to clarify her arrangement. Meethi keeps upsetting her. Malini hears Adi's bicycle sound and disengages call.

Adi gets back saying thanks to god that thugs didn't follow him and strolls limping. Aparna opens entryway and inquires as to whether he is fine. Adi says he is fine and had told her that he would return on schedule. Malini inquires as to why had he gone out. He says to gather some significant reports. She says he would have sent Sundar or another person. Rupali takes him for aarti. After at some point, Adi downloads recording in his PC when Imlie strolls in and keeps her hand on his shoulder. He hops in shock and inquires as to for what reason did she came out of nowhere when he is working. She brings crepe swathe and says she knows when he is in torment, applies gauze and asks what is he stowing away. He illuminates about MLA and Pasha's medication arrangement and him recording their gathering, says if this proof is spilled, Pasha and MLA will be in a tough situation. He gives her pen drive and requests to keep it securely. She says he didn't believe her when she educated him about Malini, yet presently confides in her. She takes pen drive and conceals it in Devimaa's golden calf, and implores Devimaa to ensure this proof or probably Adi's life will be in harm's way. Malini strolls towards symbol when Adi stops her and asks why is she here. She anxiously says she can't advise him as she is exceptionally humiliated. He says she need not feel humiliate. She says she needed to perform aarti before province individuals show up as she single and pregnant and society will embarrass her with their insults. He says he can't quiet down after whatever happened as of late, he needs to know what she needs. She inquires as to whether he can perform aarti with her before everybody comes. He gets call from office, goes aside, and says proof is with him securely. She figures she will perform aarti with Adi.

Precap: Committee individuals acclaim Imlie's pooja game plans. Imlie presents Rupali as bhajan artist.

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