Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Raghav Gets Esha Home

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update -

Pallavi strolls to Keerti and asks did she discover pullover, Keerti says no, Pallavi says let me help you and discovers it for her, and gives her Jewelry, Jaya requests that Pallavi prepare rapidly and says you and Raghav need to sit in pooja so that even you and Raghav give me a grandson, and where is Raghav, Pallavi says not yet he knows how significant is this pooja for yourself and he will not miss it.

Raghav with Esha, Esha says thank you and presently you can go I will oversee, Raghav says how could he act along these lines, Esha says he will since I let him know I love you and consistently will, and this has turned into an everyday practice, I never let him approach me thus gis disappointment developed to this, Raghav says why go through qll this then, at that point, the Esha I knew was so strong, Esha says she is concealed since long back, I met her when that evening you, Raghav says please I would prefer not to discuss it, my life and heart has Pallavi now.

Jaya says Pallavi you look so beautiful and where is Raghav, Pallavi says I informed him yet he didn't answer. Radiant strolls to Keerti and acclaim her. Deshmukh's show up for pooja, Sharda asks where is Raghav, Pallavi says he will be here soon. Jaya plays music, Milind says as much quiet, Jaya says Raghav's father use to play it, I feel he is around me when I play this.

Jaya asks Pallavi where is Raghav, Pallavi says I don't realize I am attempting to contact him.

Esha says to Raghav, I. not requesting that you part ways with Pallavi, I simply need my place, don't deal with me like outsider atleast after that evening and if my solicitation is off-base and you don't have place for me you can go and in case there is some spot for me hold my hand, and I guarantee I won't ever come in the middle of you and Pallavi and be glad in the breaking point.

Pallavi tells Jaya, Raghav isn't getting call, Sulochana murmurs Mansi what everything is this event, Mansi says I see some significant issue. Entryway chime rings, Pallavi says it should be Raghav. Pallavi says Raghav where were you, Esha strolls in, everybody stunned to see Esha. Pallavi asks what everything is this, Raghav going to tell her, Esha stops him holding his hand, Pallavi checks out Raghav. Esha says I met with a mishap, Raghav was passing by thus he got me here, Pallavi says you look harmed excessively kindly come in.

Jaya chastens Raghav, says wouldn't you be able to remain at home today, Pallavi says Amma quiet down, Amruta says Esha you here, Esha says you, Amruta says Pallavi is my cousin and present everybody Esha as her chief. Esha says Raghav you have family work I should leave, Pallavi says you are harmed, do medical aid and afterward go.

Jaya in kitchen furious, Keerti attempts to quiet her down, Jaya says how dare Raghav get her here, I can't stand her and not let her ruin his life once more, and does Pallavi think about her, Keerti says I don't have the foggiest idea yet presently quiet down, Sunny hears all that and figures she will educate me concerning Esha now, Keerti sees Sunny and asks what is it, Sunny says Panditji is calling everybody. Keerti says OK

Raghav and Pallavi take an interest in pooja, Esha imagins her instead of Pallavi, Amruta asks Esha is she fine and sits adjacent to her and says individuals are correct world is so little I didn't realize we will meet like this. Esha leaves.

Jaya requests that Keerri appropriate Prasad.

Raghav leaves, Pallavi follows her and asks whats wrong witb her, what did truly occurred, it doesn't look like mishap, Raghav says she is under abusive behavior at home and tells entire occurrence, thus Raghav got her here. Pallavi says as much decent of you, let her visit here for few days, Raghav expresses what are you saying, Pallavi says its equitable to save her from her better half, and sees Esha isn't anywhere near, Pallavi calls Amruta, Amruta says Esha left. Sharda strolls to them and favors them and says now its your chance after Keerti, Jaya says exceptionally right. Raghav says I have earnest work, Amruta says Pallavi I will leave I have office, Pallavi salutes Amruta, Sharda says even I will leave

Esha attempting to discover a house, Amruta hears that and says are you searching for house, Esha says OK direly, Amruta says you can move with us we have one room empty, Esha says your family, Amruta says they will be cheerful.

Keerti asks Sunny for what reason does he need to think about Esha, Sunny says since he got her home, Keerti says she was Raghav's ex, she wedded somebody what broke Raghav.

Pallavi embraces Raghav from behind he drives her away, Pallavi asks whats wrong, Raghav says I just got astounded, Pallavi says I need to discuss what everybody is mentioning for, our children, and becomes flushed, and says I don't think its wrong either, even ww ought to have a family, Raghav recall about night with Esha and pushes Pallavi back once more, Pallavi inquires as to for what reason are you acting like this, Raghav says this dress is aggravating me I will change and come. Pallavi thinks what's up with him.

Pre cap: Raghav says Pallavi, Esha was with me in Varangal that evening and I committed an error

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