Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Gehna Has Been Revealed

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update -

Radhika is stunned to see Anant in teacher Kumar's sanctum. Kumar inquires as to whether she is stunned to see Anant once more, he is Anant's doppelganger Siddharth who is his exceptional visitor today.

He presents Radhika as his better half. Radhika says Sid is a perfect representation of Anant. Sid says Radhika is a mirror rather in which individuals get lost. She embraces Kumar and asks where is his another visitor artist Laila as she heard a ton about her moving abilities. Kumar says she should be coming. Anant thinks he needs to leave as Gehna should be hanging tight for him close to entryway. Gehna hangs tight for him close to entryway.

Sagar sees her, calls Kanak and inquires as to whether Gehna is in her room. She checks and illuminates that Gehna isn't in her room. He disengages call. She thinks what is he up to once more. Pankaj seeing her and asks what is she doing in Gehna's room and whom she is addressing. She inquires as to for what reason is he keeping an eye on him. He requests that she show portable. She says he should keep an eye on Gehna rather as she is absent from her room. He leaves looking through her.

At Kumar's lair, everybody hang tight for Laila. Gehna/Laila enters and is stunned to see Radhika with Kumar and thinks Radhika was tricking her. Radhika invites Laila and demands to see her face prior to seeing her dance. Gehna says why in a rush when ta entire night is left. Radhika and Gehna dance on Nadiyon Paar Sajan Da Thana.. melody. Sagar sees Gehna's mangalsutra and thinks he is correct that she is Gehna.

He gets her and strongly eliminates her cover. Everybody are stunned to see Gehna. Teacher arranges his thugs to get her. Gehna stows away. Light go off. Sid strolls to her and calling her woman Gaga says she is a trick master. Kumar's thug search them. They run out of Kumar's nook. She understands her mangalsutra is inside lair and attempts to get back in. Sid inquires as to whether she is insane and stops her. She says its Anant's gift, so she can't lose it. He requests that she stow away there and goes in to get it.

Kanak offers Hema's #1 dish to her and says this won't proceed for long and they should have bubbled rice soon. Hema gets strained and asks how should they respond. Kanak parcel of the house is the main arrangement, they every one of the 4 can remain together and escape from Gehna's day by day portion of dramatization. Hema begins thinking. Kumar blows up seeing Sid and Laila missing and reproves his thugs to look through them.

Radhika perhaps Laila succumbed to Sid and ran off with him. Sagar says how might they see whether Sid is a doppelganger or Anant himself. Kumar says through Sid's DNA test and individuals giving Sid's DNA test and gathered Sid's alcohol glass. Sagar cheers and showing Gehna's mangalsutra says she will return for this.

Sid returns and watches them stowing away. Hooligan gets him. Gehna hits hooligan's head from behind and he tumbles down oblivious. Force returns. Kumar and his group notice them and run behind them. They stow away once more. Sid acclaims her magnificence and says she is looking hot in her artist's dress, she may not return in same dress before her family however, and so forth She begins crying that she feels humiliated seeing herself in this dress and can't go before Baa Bapuji, and so forth

Precap: Sid says Anant is fortunate to have a particularly incredible spouse, and so forth Thugs get them. He sends her and battles with Goons.

Thug wounds him.

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