Udaariyaan Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Jasmin Meets Jas

Udaariyaan 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update -

The Episode begins with Tejo chiding Jasmin. She says I lament that I have returned to the institute as your and Fateh's chief. Fateh comes and asks will we start the puja. Jasmin says I would prefer not to do the puja with her. She leaves. Fateh and Tejo play out the puja. Gurpreet says its Candy's first Dussehra, we will take him and show how we consume the Raavan. Mahi says we didn't go out since numerous days. Amrik reminds the youth second and giggles. Khushbeer says let Tejo and Fateh return, Tejo is his supervisor now, it was the financial backers' condition. Jasmin comes and looks on. Fateh expresses gratitude toward Tejo and says I couldn't care less in case you are my chief, its enough that you are here. Biji and Nimmo tell that Tejo is Fateh's significant other. They giggle. Fateh says institute can't run without you. Tejo says I comprehend, you are misconception, I didn't come to help you, yet for the financial backer's condition, you were in the prison, the family was excessively stressed, I feel upset seeing them pitiful, I simply care for the arrangement which got you delivered, I have done this for the family, I trust Jasmin doesn't do anything. The family adulates Tejo. Jasmin reviews Jas and says I realize how to fix these seven rounds. Fateh says I need your assistance in this foundation. Tejo says at whatever point I helped you, I got injured. He says yet I have apologized to you. She asks will everything get fine when an individual apologizes. He expresses not many things aren't in our grasp. She says you are correct, leave it. He asks will you help me in running this institute, you realize Jasmin doesn't have a clue about this work. Jasmin goes to Jas' home. She enters there.

Fateh says please Tejo, I need you. Tejo says when you are in an issue, you figure you will get my help, yet not any longer, its enough, quit utilizing individuals, quit harming them, I m an individual, not a tissue paper, its my error that I was excessively acceptable towards you, you generally need me, what's your opinion about me, you meager I m frantic, you have swindled me and eliminated me from your life, then, at that point, you come to say sorry and request that I help you in running the foundation, you never required me, what do you think about a lady's feelings, tell me, I will tell you, a lady can give any forfeit and endure every one of the distresses, she can get injured to help others, its in her DNA, she can battle Lord for the one she adores, when not really set in stone, then, at that point, she will not stop at Lord's promise additionally, I will tell you again, I will simply guarantee that you tackle your job competently, its merely three months, then, at that point, you turn out well for you, I will turn out well for me. She leaves. Halla hai… plays… Jasmin really looks at the entryway. Jas gets her at blade point and says don't act brilliant, how could you come here. Jasmin says I have come to discuss your benefit. He says you had taken a mask to get me captured. She says its old thing, it was Fateh and Tejo's arrangement, things have transformed, I can help you and deliver retribution. He says you will conflict with your own sister. She says OK, I disdain her, she demolished my life. He inquires as to for what reason will I help you. She says I faced a major challenge and came here, move the blade away, I heard that adversary's foe is a companion, Tejo is Fateh's better half currently, don't you need to deliver retribution on her. He reviews Tejo's words. He drops the blade. She picks the blade. He says you can't go from here, put it down. She returns the blade and asks do you need retribution or not.

She gives him gold bangles. He checks. The family sees the Dussehra's Ram Leela. Khushbeer enlightens Candy regarding Ram Leela, Lord Ram kills Raavan and finishes the bad of the world. Jasmin looks on. Fateh says Raavan was a miscreant, he grabbed Sita. Tejo says Ram had liberated Sita. Jasmin thinks where are you Jas, we as a whole came to. Dada ji says we as a whole have Raavan in us, the person who ponders others is a Raavan. Candy says I will likewise kill Raavan. Jasmin chides him. Candy jokes on him. Nimmo insults Jasmin. Jasmin figures everybody will know it now. Jas comes there and plays dhol. Everybody applauds seeing the Raavan consuming. Jasmin believes Tejo's life Raavan got simply alive. Jas takes a gander at Tejo furiously. Jas reviews Tejo. Jasmin grins.


Tejo gets stunned seeing Jas. Jas abducts her. Fateh searches for her. Jas harms Tejo with the blade.

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