Vidrohi Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Jagabandhu Meets Kalyani

Vidrohi 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update -

The Episode begins with Fletcher asking Maharaj for what valid reason did Jagabandhu come to meet him. Maharaj says nothing, he remained silent. Fletcher says he would have gotten some information about the papers, its better in the event that you don't conflict with us, we can think bravo. He compromises Maharaj and leaves. Charan gets a directive for Fletcher. He says my government operative has got this message, Jagabandhu is going to Badamba. The children play in the town. They see the britishers. The women come to take Kalyani's assistance. Kalyani asks them not to stress, the troopers will discover the children. The man says warriors couldn't discover them. The women ask Kalyani. Kalyani says its my obligation to get the children back, we will not rest until we get the children back. Fletcher comes there and says relax, the children are as yet alive, they are my visitors, Kalyani can save every one of them.

He says everything is occurring a direct result of you, you chose to conflict with us, I have come to converse with Kalyani in private. The pastors and gatekeepers get the blades. Kalyani requests that the clergyman leave and let her discussion to him alone. Individuals leave. Fletcher undermines Kalyani. He says I became acquainted with that you are discovering help from different states. She says we aren't discovering any assistance. He inquires as to for what reason is Baxi Jagabandhu coming here. She asks who.

Radha does Jagabandhu's aarti. He leaves for Badamba. Fletcher says Jagabandhu couldn't save his Maharaj and Rajya, he is a Senapati of Puri. She asks did he utilize the children in dread of Jagabandhu. He says dread can do anything. He frightens her. He says you think well, I need to guard Badamba and you, I will come later, assuming you need to see the children alive, then, at that point, don't team up with Jagabandhu, you conclude how to stop it. He compromises her with regards to Mohan and leaves.

Radha pursues the kid and requests that he have food. Gagadhar and Tulakma looks on. She inquires as to for what reason does she treat house cleaner's child to such an extent. Gagadhar says she never respected Amba a house cleaner, he is a young man, Radha is so glad, how might you ponder a child. Radha gets woozy. Maa comes and requests that Amba get water. She requests that Radha have water. Maa asks what occurred. Radha says I have kept a Nirjal quick to make Badamba trip effective. Gagadhar requests that Tulakma take in something from Radha, she should keep a quick to cause him to get his freedoms. Maa asks him is it important to consistently get harsh. He says truth consistently looks harsh. Kalyani goes to the state area. Jagabandhu comes there. A man requests that he show his character. Jagabandhu covers his face. He enters the province of Badamba.

Kalyani stops Jagabandhu and asks who are you, let me know your name, the explanation of coming here. He says I heard a great deal about Badamba, I didn't realize ladies are dealt with similarly here, I m happy. He doesn't answer his character. He says assuming a conflict is battled to ensure somebody, its not off-base. She says weapons don't have a clue about the justification behind its utilization and simply work. He says Badamba is a safe Rajya, its extreme for them to know the weakness, proceed to tell that britishers are near. She says we needn't bother with anybody's assistance, we have weapons to battle them. He says you might have it, dislike mine. She says I don't comprehend the distinction among conviction and pride. He shows the weapons. She asks what's extraordinary in this. He requests that she grant him for a battle. She requests that he utilize the weapons and show her. They get into a swordfight.

She questions his personality once more. He overcomes her and gets his blade. He discards his blade. The men recognize him as Baxi Jagabandhu, senapati of Maharaj Jagapati. Kalyani looks on. Maa proceeds to admonish Gagadhar. She asks how could you get against the family. He requests that she beat him. He cries and says I m not treated similarly in this house, you don't adore your own child, you simply love Jagabandhu, what's my place in this house, nothing, nobody gets some information about the major choices taken, I would prefer not to discuss others, did you get some information about my viewpoint. She cries. He says you have offered regard to Jagabandhu, not me, individuals would have regarded me today, but rather everybody thinks I m pointless as a result of me, I didn't fizzle as a child, you fizzled as a mum. He contends and goes.

Kalyani says we would prefer not to work together with you. Jagabandhu says I need to hear this from Maharaj. He asks don't you accept a lady's choice, I m Maharaj's little girl Kalyani, you're not wanted here. He says I can see dread in your eyes. She says one who come for taking assistance are apprehensive, we would prefer not to work together with you, britishers assumed control over the sanctuary and kept Maharaj hostage, how could you help him, Rajguru was killed by the britishers, how might we trust you when you have lost yourself. He asks don't you stress that the britishers can do likewise with you. She says Badamba will be an autonomous Rajya, I would prefer not to pay attention to whatever else, for what reason would you like to build our concerns. She requests that he not enter Badamba. She goes.


Fletcher says I will take Kalyani with me before all of you. Jagabandhu punches him. He says we need to work together, its fundamental. Kalyani converses with certain children about Jagabandhu.

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