Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 16th October 2021 – Sirat Wins The Match

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update -

The Episode begins with Sirat going for the battle. She hits the rival. The adversary tumbles down. Everybody applauds Sirat. Sirat is announced the victor of the gold award of the Asian title. The man says Sirat needs Mrs. Surekha Goenka to make her wear this gold award. Surekha says no, how might I do this, I never upheld her. Kartik says you have empowered her today, you are likewise a piece of her triumph today. Dadi says OK, he is correct, go. Surekha goes to Sirat and makes her wear the decoration. Yeh rishta… plays… Surekha acclaims Sirat that she is one out of many. Sirat cries. Surekha says she doesn't separate, she approaches when we attempt to disappear, today I m glad that she is my family, none can do this, she has reached here after much difficulties, we and the whole nation are pleased with her.

Sirat embraces her and says you made me a star, I m sorry, you needed to endure all that as a result of me. Surekha says no, everybody became more acquainted with reality as a result of me. Sirat says come, meet everybody, they missed you a ton. Dadi favors Surekha. Surekha apologizes to everybody. Sirat embraces Dadi. Dadi says pardon us and return home. She embraces Surekha. Kairav requests that they come for second occasion, Karwachauth. Dadi says I will serve the evening lunch to you, you weren't there at the hour of sargi. Surekha gestures. Suwarna says we should return home and break the quick. Kartik says I realized it will get late here, so I organized Karwachauth occasion here. Suwarna expresses profound gratitude for thinking for us. Kartik says today my quick, how might I eat food, I might pass on here by hunger. Sirat asks him not to say this of all time. He says sorry. They go.

Everybody goes to the corridor. Suwarna says we don't have adornments and suhaag things. Dadi says OK, its vital. Manish says wear the adornments you got. Sirat sees the blossoms and says I have a thought. She wears botanical gems. Kartik says we are looking astounding, truly, you know why, since I look so attractive. She asks and me? He says you additionally look OK, fine, I m looking great since you are with me. She says then I should look all the more great. They have a charming talk.

Everything about adoration… .plays… He praises her and embraces. She says I m glad that Maudi's fantasy got finished, Surekha has returned. He says I need to let you know something, I m exceptionally eager, we will go. She says OK, I m likewise ravenous. She takes a selfie with him.

Surekha says botanical adornments thought is acceptable, we didn't get late. Surekha says OK, our adornments is weighty. Akhilesh praises her. He requests that Manish praise Suwarna, there isn't any modest and most ideal way of satisfying them. Manish goes to Suwarna. She says you hush up about the phony applause. He inquires as to for what reason do you suspect as much, I was truly commending you. She says attempt it in the following birth. Kartik comes and says father can take preparing from me. Kairav says moon has showed up, come. Aarohi cries. Kairav says I will take her to the law, all of you do the puja. They go.

Everybody does the ceremonies and break the quick. Yeh rishta… plays… . Sirat drinks the water. He says leave some water for me. She says no, drink it from the other glass. He says we need to drink from a similar glass. She says sorry. She places water in similar glass and feeds him.

Kairav and Vansh go to take pics. Several comes there. The woman picks the toys. She leaves the pram there. The prams get traded. She takes Aarohi's pram and goes. Two or three leaves. Kartik says I failed to remember the present for you. Sirat says I got it. She shows the award. She says you have all the more right on the award, you have satisfied my fantasy. She makes him wear the decoration. Kartik says you have overseen everything great, I figure you will deal with my youngsters without me. She asks are you heading off to some place. He says I was simply saying, on the off chance that I leave city for office work, you can deal with the children. She says you shouldn't say that once more, we will consistently be together this way, we will continue to battle, I simply need you. He says alright, grin a piece now, apologies. She grins. She says you will not say that once more, guarantee me, we will consistently remain together. He says guarantee, we will take a quick trip and see the children now. Kartik requests that Kairav and Vansh come for supper. Sirat says we as a whole should take a selfie. Kartik gets stunned seeing the child. He asks who is this child. Everybody gets stunned.


Kartik and Sirat discuss love and drop a diya in the stream. Aarohi and Akshu take the diya and leave.

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