Friend Status in English

Friend Status in English

Friend Status in English
Friend Status in English

Friend Status in English

Good friends, good books & sleepy conscience. This is a ideal life

Never forget who was there for you when everyone left.

The best things in life aren’t things, these are people like you my friend.

Real friends don’t get offended when you insult them, they smile and say something even more offensive.

A true friend will always stand for you.

A real friend is someone who thinks you’re a golden egg, even when you know you’re slightly cracked.

A friendship is blessed with love.

Fake friends believes in rumours real friends believe in you.

A candle can keep a room a glow with light but a true friend like you make all my days bright.

In life, love is temorary but a friendship is permanent.

No matter how serious life gets, you would still have that one person with whom you can be completely stupid.

A true friend reaches at your hand and touches your heart.

A friend will strengthen you with his prayers, bless you with his love & encourage you with his hope.

Friendship is not about who you have know the longest, its about who came and never left your side.

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