Whatsapp Status in English


Whatsapp Status in English

Whatsapp Status in English

Whatsapp Status in English
Whatsapp Status in English

Whatsapp Status in English

Go for it Whether it ENDS good or Bad, It was An experience.

Without this emoji ????, My conversation is totally incomplete.

Believe you deserve it and, the universe will serve it.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

I want a care from you, like a MOTHER does to his Small CHILD.

The more you life others up, The more the Almighty raises you.

Work like a candle, Enlightening your near ones life.

Words never mean what we want them to mean.

I am Mine Before I am Ever Anyone Else.

When life kicks you, let it kick you forward.

people who post Happy wala Birthday, why don’t you Die waala mar jao.

Toast can never be bread again.

My heart has been broken many times, But i still believe in love.

Ignorance is always afraid of change.

The only People Who Love me are, The People Who Cant hate anyone.

If a Girl is open Minded, It Doesn’t Mean, That She is Characterless.

The Race can never End, Unless i Win.

Siblings Divided By Remote, United By Wifi.

First they call you CRAZY, Then they call you for FAVOURS.

There is always a DEKISUGI, Who takes SHIZUKA from every NOBITA’S life.

My life is like a Ballon, filled with feelings in a world full of pins.

Some fathers teach their sons to shave, others teach them to be men.

Someone Somewhere, Has your Selfie Saved.

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