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Fluoride Help prevent Cavities

Fluoride: An Essential Element for the Prevention of Dental Cavities Fluoride is a salt compound that is part of elemental fluorine, which is very abundant in the Earth’s crust, together with iron and other elements. It is a key part in the manufacturing process of toothpastes and various other dental products such as flosses, breath strips, and mouthwashes.

Despite the fact that it can be found abundantly in fresh water, soil, plants and even in selected fruits and vegetables, the fluoride that is utilized for dental use (and incorporated to the potable water supply of a community) is for the most part treated to give the best results. How Fluorine Helps In Keeping Your Teeth Healthy Fluoride protects teeth against the rot caused by plaque formation.

At the point when the microorganisms in plaque comes in close contact with sugars and starches in the mouth, acids will then be formed which can erode the tough, outer coating called enamel. Fluoride aides protect teeth by halting the acidic procedures that cause disintegration of the enamel surface. It additionally bonds with the enamel, making teeth whiter and ultra-resistant to decay. Fluoride can even repair and revamp veneer that has been harmed, helping extraordinarily in the whitening of teeth.

The History of Fluoride

A Little Bit of History Back in the 1930’s it was found out that individuals who drank water that contain traces of fluoride in it had reportedly less risks for developing tooth decay compared to people without access to fluoridated water. The fluoridation of most of the world’s potable water supply started sometime in the 1940’s in Michigan. Fluoridation includes improving the common fluoride found in water to levels that will help ensure teeth.

One part for every one million mmol of fluoride is currently added to drinking water. At present, just about two-thirds of US urban communities have fluoridated water. Studies have demonstrated that the fluoride held in drinking water decreases the potential for developing cavities and different types of tooth decay by to the extent that 35% in grown-ups and 60% in children. Nowadays nonetheless, numerous individuals favor drinking purified or bottled water. These items lack in the right amount of fluoride to prevent tooth decay.Youngsters specifically oblige sufficient measures of fluoride to ensure healthy teeth.

The Proper use of Fluoride

Fluoride is additionally vital for people who consume a lot of starches and sugars, have a history of tooth rot, wear dental prosthetics such as bridges and dentures, or have extensions and crowns. Aside from regular brushing, fluoride is viewed as the best strategy for keeping teeth strong and healthy. It is by and large considered safe, however lethal responses can happen if a lot of fluoride is consumed over a long period of time. This can incorporate staining or discoloration of the tooth enamel or a condition called dental fluorosis. In the event that you have to expand the measure of fluoride for your consumption, seek out information first about taking fluoride tablets or drops.


Filtered water with fluoride can likewise be acquired, and there are cleansing frameworks accessible that won’t take out fluoride when purifying the water. Your dental health service provider ought to additionally incorporate brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist to help get rid of plaque or keep it at bay.